游走中国 - 城市系列
by Catherine Gfeller

Having led an international career for the past thirty years, I am presently engaged in showing my work in major museum exhibitions in China. I have worked for many years with the representatives of cities worldwide with a view to offering them and their citizens a subjective version of their urban setting and of themselves that is far removed from traditional approaches. I like to meet with the inhabitants and confront their experiences with my own artistic vision.


I am now invited by the Swiss Confederation, acting as a Swiss and cultural ambassador, to carry out these projects. Being familiar with my work on cties, the Embassy representatives entrusted me with the task of interpreting and of revealing novel aspects of a China presently undergoing tremendous change from the standpoint of an artist.


In 2016, I began a project on the role of women in Chinese mega-cities, which resulted in a large exhibition at the National Guangdong Museum of Art in March 2018in Guangzhou. The success of this show with a broad segment of the public has encouraged me to pursue this project in other mega-cities : Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai and Hong Kong. In each city, the exhibition will be different, following its spririt, inspiration, specific features.